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Morning Coffee Ponderings

We have tasted flight — we know how amazing life is

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“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

One minute, I am remembering who I truly am and the cosmic dance we’re a part of. The next, I am caught in the mire reading twitter feeds. A friend of mine used to have a bumper sticker that said “Fear or Faith, make your choice.” How easy it is to oscillate between these two.

Almost every day, I have to remind myself of the moments in…

Prose Prompt: What wounds look like as they heal

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I had forgotten that it’s there
It had to be buried
Then there is an itch under a scabbed-over wound
Realization, awareness, shock
Annoyance, anger, righteousness
Fury, madness, chaos.

The scab starts to soften
Pain, suffering, despair
Deep sadness, fear, release
It finds the rest
All the other little bits that match
Returning to anger, fury, and righteousness.

The fury is released
The anger subsides
Strength and protection rule.

Caring for the open wound
Only the safe come close
No one else gets to see.
A time of deep quiet
Grieving the old wound
That had become part of me.

Healing in a safe place
From the inside out
No disturbances
Just love and caring
The wound slowly disappears
To leave no trace…

And I have forgotten.

Katrina Bos

In response to J.D. Harms’s prompt.

Thanks from a Medium newbie

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Photo by Erika Fletcher on Unsplash

I have been writing regularly on Medium now for 4 weeks. I have some questions for everyone out there who are pros at this — or at least know more than I do.

1) Does writing a viral article tend to be a one-off event?

How often do authors who publish a viral article continue to get viral responses? I have read many essays about a writer’s success with their viral article. I head over to the article and see the 17K claps and I am amazed. Then, I follow back to the author’s main page to see what else they are writing about. Most of the time, the rest of their…

For me, I know it’s surrender… I just have to remember

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Photo by Toa Heftiba Şinca from Pexels

Finding peace these days is quite a journey. It is a balancing act of being aware of what is happening, what is within my control, knowing my own Truth, and then surrendering it all to trust that something much greater is guiding this ship.

But surrender has not been easy for me. I have trusted my mind to a fault in my life. I have believed that I know better. I now know that this is only true when I’ve oversimplified my understanding.

I came across this snippet from What If You Could Skip the Cancer? about an experience I…

Swapping speaking English for room and board.

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The Author in Guadeloupe on a TalkTalkBnB Stay

I will never forget sitting in the back seat of the car in Guadeloupe just like another teenager in the family going out on the family excursions. Or sitting around the dinner table of wonderful families in Italy listening to what their teenagers did at school that day. Or hanging out with wonderful people in Sicily realizing that Italian women really do just talk about food all of the time!

A truly amazing way to truly experience a culture — and pay nothing for room and board at the same time!

In 2018, I gave everything away and decided to…

Spirituality is simple: If yours isn’t, then beware

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Last year, I was lucky enough to spend a morning making soup with a Native elder in Northern British Columbia, Canada. As someone who “loves all things spiritual”, I was looking forward to an in-depth discussion of topics that would deepen my understanding of the world. However, we ended up talking more about making soup and life than anything else.

And it was just perfect.

True Spirituality is Simple

One of the things that keep us from truly connecting with God/Spirit, is that we complicate it with philosophies, rituals, and rules. True spirituality is very, very simple. You connect with your deepest, most expansive…

But it will all be worth it

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My husband always knew when I’d gotten off the phone with my editor. He would walk in from the barn and see me slumped over my desk with the look of someone who had just lost everything.

“Just talked to your editor?”, he’d ask.

“Yes”, I could barely muster.

“Hmmm… maybe you need something stronger than coffee right now.”

“I just hate this.”

Editor #1: The One Who Had to Break Me

My first book, What If You Could Skip the Cancer?, is the story of my journey through cancer in 1999. My mom had just died of breast cancer a few years before, so when a teacher/guru appeared…

The joy that comes from surfing the ups and downs of life

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Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels

“A great myth about serenity is that it comes when we slow down. Another is that we best cultivate it during meditation, in candlelight, and at placid locales like ponds and meadows. The truth is, we become most serene by syncing up with the ever-changing flow of sensation within our own bodies. And it is a flow.” Raphael Cushnin, Surfing your inner sea

It’s amazing how quickly I can forget that we aren’t here to be stressed out, worried, and fearful all the time… even though I know better.

I remember back to when I had the miraculous healing in…

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