AI Just Isn’t All that Bright

Katrina Bos
2 min readJun 5, 2023

As long as we pay attention, it’s easy to spot

Photo by Alex Knight

AI isn’t as smart as some think it is. I am sitting here doing final edits on my upcoming book, “Divine Union of the Masculine & Feminine”. The big edits have been done… now it’s just final tweaking.

What is blowing my mind is how often the grammar checks are wrong. I’ve never experienced this before and I’ve been writing books and articles for decades. Usually, if the grammar checker (either on Word, Grammarly, or whatever) says something is wrong, then I pay attention and 90% of the time, I change it.

Of course, with the first big edits, they were often right -that’s the “dumping” part of writing… but even then, in the rawest manuscript, the proposed “corrections” were only right maybe 60% of the time. I was so shocked.

Now that my manuscript has gone through all the line edits and proofs, there shouldn’t be anything amok in there… and yet, the grammar checkers are underlining things from all sides. And right now, they are 100% wrong.

So, although there is all of this fear-mongering out there that AI is going to take over… I’m sensing that all we have to do is keep our wits about us and it will be pretty obvious just how daft our poor robots are.



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