An Interesting Time to Ask Questions

Katrina Bos
5 min readJul 9, 2020

The other day, my friend asked me why I was always such a rebel. We had been discussing the pandemic and I was sharing different ideas that I was thinking about. She asked me why I questioned everything. Why couldn’t I just accept what I was being told as truth?

I didn’t have an answer for her right away.

A few days ago, I watched the documentary about David Bohm, a quantum physicist who worked with incredible minds like Einstein, Oppenheimer, and many of the founding fathers of physics.

One of the things that really stood out for me was that people who were interested in quantum physics were always asking questions. They were always challenging the status quo. And not because they were rebels or difficult, but because the current scientific model didn’t explain everything in the universe… and this is the goal of science.

These models specifically could not explain what happened at the quantum level — what happened within atoms and molecules. The two schools of thought not only were different, they actually contradicted each other.

For me, I see this in all theories and philosophies where we are dealing with two very distinct worlds — the finite world and the infinite world.

Part of the physical world that we can see and touch is finite. These things are simple. There is a beginning and an end. The inner workings can be anticipated and experiments can be repeated.

But most of the world around us is actually infinitely complex — forests, the ocean, the air around us, the weather. The deeper we go into them, the more complex and interesting they become. Our human bodies are infinitely complex. We can start looking at ourselves on the surface, then go beneath to the organs, then go within to the molecules, then within to the atoms and then continue into the infinite quantum world of electrons and neutrons.

And that is just our physical body. When we dive into our mental and emotional and spiritual worlds, infinite worlds build upon infinite worlds.

Most of our existence is actually in an infinite reality.

Answers Are Not the Goal

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