Doing the Naked Macarena

Why I would go on a naked cruise again in a heartbeat

Katrina Bos
8 min readFeb 16, 2021


Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

My husband and I were relaxing on the top tier of the lido deck when one of the cruise staff started calling from the lower pool area “Time for line dancing!! Come on down! It will be awesome!”

My husband and I rolled our eyes… OMG line dancing. Geez, maybe all cruising truly is for seniors…

Of course, the first song was the macarena. Cue the even bigger eye-roll. And then I thought, Hey, I’ve never done the NAKED macarena!!!

I flew down the steps to the lower area to join in the dance!

Naked macarena, here I come!

A Little Bit of Info Before Continuing

Whenever I say that I went on a naked cruise, there are a few questions everyone asks… so I’d like to answer those for you first.

Yes, there are such things as naked cruises — this one was called “The Big Nude Boat”! But they definitely aren’t about swinging and having kinky sex at sea (well you can… but that’s up to you). These are naturist cruises where 3,500 people gather on a huge Princess Cruise Ship to simply be outside in the sun and be completely naked together.

In fact, there are strict rules about picking people up. Absolutely no sexual overtures are allowed. People can literally be “kicked off at the next port” if they are lecherous and make it uncomfortable for others. It is just about the absolute joy of being naked and free in the sunshine — like the sensual joy of skinny-dipping times a thousand.

No, men don’t walk around with erections. The nudity isn’t sexualized like it is when it’s hidden, so your mind just isn’t there. Plus, if it happens, no one really cares. It will go down, or you can go into the pool. It’s really not a big deal.

Yes, the cruise staff is all clothed.

The Nude Beach

We had overcome our fear of public nudity at a nudist resort in Jamaica the previous year. It had been on my bucket list to try a naked beach at least once. My husband was not so interested. But luckily there was lots of rum at the resort and there was no way his…



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