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How Would You Like to Respond to That?

We hold all the power to be happy in our lives

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“For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

We have so much choice… sometimes I think that this is one of our great journeys in this time.

It’s like we have been burdened with the belief that we are the victim of circumstances — of what others have chosen… and for some reason, we must just ride that wave until it is complete… like we have no choices at all. That we must just succumb.

But it just isn’t true.

An Orgasmic State

“I don’t know why everyone doesn’t walk around in an orgasmic state all of the time. Why do people choose to think about stressful things when they could just choose joy?”

This was my teacher, Jim, who helped me through my illness/shift that I write about in my book What If You Could Skip the Cancer?. He just couldn’t understand humans. He couldn’t understand how we filled our days thinking about things that upset us — when what we think about is totally within our own power.

Why do we do that? Why do we do that? Why do we let our minds loop in all the topics that drive us crazy and make us unhappy?

Perhaps sometimes our brains are trying to understand something that is unresolved in our life. Maybe we are hurt and replaying the scene over and over again.

But even there… why are we doing that? None of that is helpful. Endlessly circling the same track doesn’t bring us to any conclusion. In fact, we seldom come to any solution at all — we just deepen the rut of thinking that story over and over again.

Moment to Moment Choice

The truth is that we get to choose our response to every moment. We may not be able to change what is happening around us. But we can 100% choose our response to it.

We can choose whether we are going to worry about it for 3 hours before it happens or choose to do other things and wonder how it’s going to be. We can choose to be angry or be the observer looking at the bigger picture. We can choose love in a situation where there has always been strife and just see what happens.

It’s almost shocking to realize that we have this choice and how much it changes our entire experience.

Our Soul’s Expression

Perhaps it is the focus on the importance of the outside world that makes us feel that we have no choice. Maybe when things happen around us, we are hyper-focusing on others’ reactions all of the time. A world event occurs and we become fixated on the comments in the Twitter feed or the opinions of our family and friends instead of looking within and even noticing our true response.

Imagine experiencing everything from a soul level instead. Imagine that the response of other people doesn’t matter at all. What if the most important response to anything is our own soul’s experience?

This completely brings the focus within. “Everyone else” might think “this”… but what do you think? “Others” may be freaking out about “that”, but what does your soul know to be true?

This is the point… the only “appropriate” response is that of your own soul.

Where does this experience take your soul on its path? What do you learn here? What would your soul choose?

What would your soul choose?
What would your soul choose?
What would your soul choose?

In the end, this is all that really matters. This is our own personal journey here — no one else’s.

Plus, it is in this choosing that we truly feel alive. We make a difference in our lives. We are the captain of our own ship.

We get to choose the nature of our journey… in every single moment.

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