Morning Coffee Meditations

I Love Experiencing Life in Moments

Releasing time and letting bliss in

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“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”
Rabindranath Tagore

These days, I am fascinated with understanding time differently. I feel like we are moving from a world obsessed with the clock to a world where the clock won’t exist at all — and if it does exist, it is more like the colour of someone’s shirt. It exists but it isn’t driving our choices or experience.

Part of the journey to timelessness is simply being in each moment completely. We’ve heard this before. It isn’t new. But have we actually been able to do it? Or has it just been a concept? Or maybe an ideal that we continue to pull ourselves towards. But have we fully done it?

I think that there are moments when this happens naturally. When we have that first sip of coffee in the morning or that first bite of something particularly delicious — time stands still as we savour this wonderful taste.

Perhaps we have moments while making love. Our mind may still be there with its concerns and fears… but there are moments when we lose ourselves in the passion, pleasure, and orgasm.

Perhaps we experience a moment when we are out for a walk on a sunny day — as we take that deep breath, close our eyes, and feel the warm air around us.

It’s like we have been given tastes of blissful timelessness in these wonderful moments.

Maybe now is our chance to experience them more and more.

I think of the butterfly in the quote above. Externally, each moment is the same in the chrysalis. But internally, what is the butterfly’s experience? It is changing. It is in metamorphosis. Each moment is actually very different than the last. Each moment is interesting for what it brings.

And when it emerges from its cocoon, then what is its experience? Does it wonder about time? About how long it was in the cocoon? About how long it will take to find a flower to land on? No. It just flies.

It experiences flight, landing, eating, and much more than I actually know about butterflies… just strings of experiences… strings of moments.

Or maybe it isn’t even strings of moments… just a perpetual experience of the now. Now, it is flying. Now, it is eating. Now, it is doing other butterfly-things.

In this moment, it is early morning. I am sitting in my favourite chair, under a blanket with a small lamp lit on the table beside me. I am drinking my first coffee while sitting with my laptop on a pillow on my lap.

I am pondering time. I am thinking about butterflies. I am thinking about you reading this. I am imagining how to stay in this idea all day long — how to experience all that will happen today as a glorious moment. It feels exciting and just what I was looking for.

I am enjoying this moment… and slowing down enough to allow each moment to present itself in its own way… so that I can enjoy them too.

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