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Why We Should Never Judge Other People’s Relationships

The wild relationship of Coach Beard & Jane

Katrina Bos
4 min readApr 27, 2024


Ted, Beard & Jane

Please note that if you haven’t watched the amazing show Ted Lasso, this article is full of spoilers. If you’ve already seen the show or don’t plan to, proceed. If you haven’t but would like to, either save this for later, go and watch it (you may binge the 3 seasons quickly) and come back… or enjoy my perspective, watch the show, and see if we agree. 😊

In the beginning, Coach Beard meets a seemingly innocent new love interest named Jane playing chess. Yay for love interests!

In the beginning, we see scenes of him being so awkward and nervous around her, that we are sure that he is too quirky for her. We think that it’s never going to work because he’s just too… well “Beard”.

“Crazy” Jane

Then, as the show progresses, we start to see that Jane is actually very manipulative and loves to play mind games like in the following clip…



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